Michael Clarke Duncan's Box Office Stats

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Movies Over $100M:7
Total Number of Movies:42
Total Gross of Movies (starring): $845,090,655
Total Number of Movies (starring): 21
Avg Gross of each movie (starring): $49,711,215
Total Gross of All Movies: $1,859,044,254
Avg. Gross of each Movie: $53,115,550
Avg Gross of Movies in the 90s: $53,152,681
Avg Gross of Movies in the 00s: $62,885,771
Avg Gross of Movies in the 10s: $25,158,198
Avg. Gross of the Last 10 movies: $20,587,095
MovieYearDomestic B.O.Buy DVDPoster
1The Challenger2015$19,003 amazon.comallposters.com
2From the Rough2014$150,000 amazon.comallposters.com
3Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For 2014$13,757,804 amazon.comallposters.com
4A Resurrection2013$10,730 amazon.comallposters.com
5In the Hive2012N/A amazon.comallposters.com
6Green Lantern 2011$116,601,172 amazon.comallposters.com
7Redemption Road2011$29,384 amazon.comallposters.com
8Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore 2010$45,539,292 amazon.comallposters.com
9Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li 2009$9,135,036 amazon.comallposters.com
10The Slammin' Salmon2009$41,430 amazon.comallposters.com
11Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins 2008$42,436,517 amazon.comallposters.com
12Kung Fu Panda 2008$215,434,591 amazon.comallposters.com
13Delgo2008$915,840 amazon.comallposters.com
14American Crude2007N/A amazon.comallposters.com
15The Last Mimzy 2007$21,471,047 amazon.comallposters.com
16Slipstream2007$6,273 amazon.comallposters.com
17Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 2006$148,213,377 amazon.comallposters.com
18School for Scoundrels 2006$17,807,569 amazon.comallposters.com
19One Way2006N/A amazon.comallposters.com
20D.E.B.S.2005$96,793 amazon.comallposters.com
21Racing Stripes 2005$49,772,522 amazon.comallposters.com
22Sin City 2005$74,098,862 amazon.comallposters.com
23Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone2005N/A amazon.comallposters.com
24The Island 2005$35,818,913 amazon.comallposters.com
25George and the Dragon2004N/A amazon.comallposters.com
26Pursued2004N/A amazon.comallposters.com
27Daredevil 2003$102,543,518 amazon.comallposters.com
28Brother Bear 2003$85,336,277 amazon.comallposters.com
29The Scorpion King 2002$90,580,000 amazon.comallposters.com
30See Spot Run 2001$33,357,476 amazon.comallposters.com
31Cats & Dogs 2001$93,375,151 amazon.comallposters.com
32Planet of the Apes 2001$180,011,740 amazon.comallposters.com
33The Whole Nine Yards 2000$57,262,492 amazon.comallposters.com
34Breakfast of Champions1999$178,287 amazon.comallposters.com
35The Underground Comedy Movie1999$856 amazon.comallposters.com
36The Green Mile 1999$136,801,374 amazon.comallposters.com
37Caught Up1998$6,754,958 amazon.comallposters.com
38The Players Club1998$23,047,939 amazon.comallposters.com
39Bulworth1998$26,528,684 amazon.comallposters.com
40Armageddon 1998$201,578,182 amazon.comallposters.com
41A Night at the Roxbury1998$30,331,165 amazon.comallposters.com
42Back in Business1997N/A amazon.comallposters.com
Items highlighted in yellow are Starring Roles
Items highlighted in gray are Non-Starring Credited Roles
Movies with a Box Office Listed as N/A are not counted towards
the averages
This list does not include documentaries, shorts, straight to video or made for TV movies. It also does not include cameos or uncredited roles.

Michael Clarke Duncan's Total Domestic
Box Office Gross by Year

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Michael Clarke Duncan's Cumulative Domestic
Box Office Gross by Year

in Million USD
'97 '98 '99 '00 '01 '02 '03 '04 '05 '06 '07 '08 '09 '10 '11 '12 '13 '14 '15



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