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The Word of Mouth for Barbershop

Total Entries: 63 Overall Rating:
Overall Recommendation Stars Total Votes Percent
Instant Classic: 24   38%
Really Good: 12   19%
OK: 6   10%
Bad: 0   0%
Really Bad: 6   10%
Among Worst Ever: 15   24%
Males Under 25
Males 25 and Over
Females Under 25
Females 25 and Over
  37%   35%   25%   0%   38%
  22%   24%   0%   25%   19%
  0%   18%   25%   50%   10%
  0%   0%   0%   0%   0%
  11%   12%   25%   0%   10%
  30%   12%   25%   25%   24%
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Other Reviews for Barbershop
Total Entries : 66
Now showing entries 66 through 57
Post # 66
Date 5/2/2004 - 4:05 PM
Name Cs.
Comments: This movie was really good but if you want more laughter all of your should go rent the three fridays movies .
Post # 65
Date 12/2/2003 - 9:47 AM
Name Dhall.
Comments: Ice cube stars as a barber shop owner in this comedy that is definitely hit and miss. I guess if you like the director's other movie "soul food" you should like this one too. But it only has a few moments of fun. .
Post # 64
Date 12/1/2003 - 7:41 AM
Name .Peter
Comments: A very worthy sucessor to the friday films. ice cube has done a masterful job. hip witty and satiric. certainly mark twain and swift offended a whole lot of people. it is the nature and point of satire. a well written script (very uncommon) and a very good ensemble performance. with spike lee, ice cube has become a confident cinematic talent. Hopefully both will continue to make films without relying on market surveys. .
Post # 63
Date 11/30/2003 - 1:32 PM
Name Booboo.
Comments: Funny, funny, funny!!!!.
Post # 62
Date 8/6/2003 - 1:29 AM
Name Grimmel.
Comments: One of those that 'owes me' for the time i wated watching it. .
Post # 61
Date 6/18/2003 - 5:56 PM
Name Straight hair.
Comments: Man how can anyone give this 0 stars?!you don't have to be black to enjoy this movie. I'm a a hispanic,but i have white skin. And my hair is straight. So there was a black barbershop down my street and when me and my dad went in they all just looked at us. They said can we help you?my dad said no. And there were people who weren't even getting a haircut just in there. So there were 3 or 4 barbers working on my big head cuz they never had a person with straight hair before. So i know a little bit of what they are like. This is not a racist movie by any means!the critics liked it not cuz there afraid of the racist card as someone said,they like it cuz it was funny and had their type of politics. But that's the great thing about this movie. They have both types of politics. Liberal and conservitive. Conservitive!!that's new!!they even threw in a white dude so white people won't feel left out or something. Cedric the entertainer and michael ealy were my favorite!!ice cube is a great actor. So you don't have to be black to like this. There is something for everyone in here. You don't have to be a brother or from the projects or da hood to like this movie. I'm just saying this cuz of other reviews. I love this movie!i got it on dvd. I could never get sick of this movie!my dad didn't really care about it until "dinka" hit the other dude. My mom thought it was funny. The acting was superb!!the comedy part wasn't just dumb humor. It was smart. Your really weird if you get offended. It's just a movie. The comedy was never overdone. The serious parts weren't bad either. The movie is only an hour and forty minutes long. In that amount of time they manage to tell a story and introduce over 10 characters throw in some hilarious jokes all in that amount of time!!whoo!!not to mention some serious parts and politics. All in all a great movie with something for everyone. I ain't black but i sure enjoy this movie.
Post # 60
Date 3/18/2003 - 12:32 PM
Name Chowanman.
Comments: The exchanges and writing make this movie work! plus, some believable acting! ice-cube is a talented actor! the movie is not laugh out loud funny. . . . . But has you chuckling enough ! plus, you really believe everything is happening! that makes this movie a gem.
Post # 59
Date 3/10/2003 - 6:04 PM
Name Prosaic.
Comments: An urban comedy masterpiece.
Post # 58
Date 3/7/2003 - 8:19 AM
Name Pensive.
Comments: Now that the brouhaha has settled down, i have to say that on reflection, it excelent.
Post # 57
Date 1/23/2003 - 5:05 PM
Name Barrow.
Comments: I thought this movie was suppose to be funny. Cedric the entertainer had like 2 good jokes and the rest of the movie was boring as hell and i can't believe it made as much money as it did. .

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