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The Word of Mouth for Beyond Borders

Total Entries: 24 Overall Rating:
Overall Recommendation Stars Total Votes Percent
Instant Classic: 8   33%
Really Good: 4   17%
OK: 0   0%
Bad: 1   4%
Really Bad: 1   4%
Among Worst Ever: 10   42%
Males Under 25
Males 25 and Over
Females Under 25
Females 25 and Over
  0%   0%   75%   33%   33%
  20%   33%   0%   33%   17%
  0%   0%   0%   0%   0%
  20%   0%   0%   0%   4%
  0%   17%   0%   0%   4%
  60%   50%   25%   33%   42%
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Other Reviews for Beyond Borders
Total Entries : 30
Now showing entries 30 through 21
Post # 30
Date 9/13/2005 - 8:40 AM
Name Mb.
Comments: Great movie! highly recommend it for people who are not afraid to face reality.
Post # 29
Date 3/8/2005 - 5:23 PM
Name Lanie.
Comments: I am a huge angelina fan, so i naturally picked it up at movie gallery. I love this movie. It really makes you think . Plus, i'm a sucker for romantic movies, so i loved it!! but, no matter how good it is, it will never be my faveorite movie!.
Post # 28
Date 1/2/2005 - 3:32 PM
Name Cs.
Comments: Even though i like jolie this movie to me was very boring and i did not like it one bit hopefully jolie will bounce back from this crap movie and dont see this movie its just awful and slow as well.
Post # 27
Date 12/1/2004 - 5:07 AM
Name Babydoll.
Comments: I didn't really like this movie much, altho i'm a big fan of angelina jolie, but clive owen acting was alot better, it was the best. the only thing which was good about the movie that it makes u really think about how it is to live with so much poverty and how we live day to day throwing money away on materialistic things. . . . .
Post # 26
Date 8/29/2004 - 6:49 PM
Name T8.
Comments: I really love this movie. it made me cry a lot to actually know what's going on. i am a fan of angelina, so i already knew about what goes on, but actually seeing it was really rough. i know this movie didn't do well in theaters, but whoever saw it now knows what goes on, and that's what's important!.
Post # 25
Date 4/11/2004 - 6:42 AM
Name Keelak.
Comments: I generally try to avoid awarding either a "0 stars" or "5 stars" rating because i think they are generally unrealistic (few movies are that awful or that great), but this may truly be the worst movie i have ever seen. there was absolutely no plot or character development; rather, it was a sequence of incidents contrived to give the film maker an excuse to have jolie's character go to various hellholes around the world so that pampered american teen-agers who happen to stumble upon this piece of dreck can be shocked by how horribly some people in the world still live. well fine, i can view the bbc or do#@&entaries on the history channel for that, but simply inserting footage that shows people starving in ethiopia or landmines in cambodia does not a great movie make. in fact, it doesn't make a movie at all, if you are define "movie" as a "piece of fiction telling a story that is presented on film. " there was no story here, other than an incredibly sop#@&*ric and hackneyed devolution of the jolie character's marriage so that she could have a physical consummation to the relationship she was having with the rude and crude doctor without the audience thinking too poorly of her for being an adultress. and folks, this doctor was not exactly an admirable character either, despite the fact that he was attempting to save some lives. he was quite the a-hole, actually, and his unpleasant character only further contributed to the wretchedness of this movie. jolie's "acting" consisted of her looking weepy and horrified at all the atrocities surrounding her as she makes her way from one global armpit to another. i could go on and on about how bad this flick was - to include the ridiculous and ultimately predictable ending involving a landmine, but you get the point. . . . .
Post # 24
Date 3/3/2004 - 12:19 PM
Name Habesha.
Comments: How come a person film about something he doesnt know?? why didnt they film it in ethiopia instead of namib desert?? nothing nobody looks ethiopian !! fake,full of #@&*!!anjelina deserves 'the best ignorant hooker' award.
Post # 23
Date 1/23/2004 - 10:37 PM
Name Mhmh.
Comments: . .
Post # 22
Date 11/15/2003 - 8:36 PM
Name Lisa marie.
Comments: 'beyond borders' is my absolute favorite movie! people who don't think this movie is good just don't know a true classic when they see one! angie is so going to win best actress oscar. . . Clive was great too! a must see!!!!!!!!!.
Post # 21
Date 11/12/2003 - 8:28 PM
Name Diana.
Comments: Angelina jolie is smart beautiful and so amazing . This movie was good but it was sad at the same time. Id go see it over and over again.

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