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The Word of Mouth for Star Trek: Nemesis

Total Entries: 174 Overall Rating:
Overall Recommendation Stars Total Votes Percent
Instant Classic: 80   46%
Really Good: 22   13%
OK: 15   9%
Bad: 7   4%
Really Bad: 7   4%
Among Worst Ever: 43   25%
Males Under 25
Males 25 and Over
Females Under 25
Females 25 and Over
  41%   47%   71%   86%   46%
  4%   16%   14%   14%   13%
  15%   9%   0%   0%   9%
  2%   7%   0%   0%   4%
  7%   4%   0%   0%   4%
  30%   16%   14%   0%   25%
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Other Reviews for Star Trek: Nemesis
Total Entries : 182
Now showing entries 182 through 173
Post # 182
Date 1/15/2005 - 10:22 PM
Name Elvis.
Comments: It was great.
Post # 181
No Rating
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Date 10/18/2004 - 8:48 AM
Name Jeddy kahan.
Comments: Star trek nemesis had serious problems - the first being was the plot and the entire story. the second the lead actors and actresses looked bored and indifferent. for any die hard trekkie - the romulan and federation are divided by the neutral zone. Each is keeping a watchful eye on the other expecting an attack are ready to retaliate to any kind of invasion from either side. It does not matter who is the leader,. At any time. Spying is obviously be regular. For admiral janeway to say she did not know what was going on is ridiculous. A coup has been carried out, the entire romulan senate wiped out and a new government is in its place, and its not news. It would have been in the federation and all other empires, which is strange? it would be the kind of news which would spread at warp speed to every part of space. a clone of captain picard is stupid, considering that picard has been in so many perilous situations he is lucky to have made it back alive, he could also have died of natural causes. So a picard clone is a royal waste of resources. Why would the enterprise cross the neutral zone enter hostile romulan space unescorted. Till the last news was that the klingons were still friends of the federation, they could have provided cloaked ships as backup. In the final stage the invasion and destruction earth is decided, as if an entire fleet of federation ships would not already be prepared for something as terrible as that. how strange that so many ensigns and marines were killed in the space battle, but the lead stars were mourning the 'death' of data. ( it could it not be that that b4 was programmed to save picard and made it look that data had sacrificed 'himself'. as for the cast and crew they did definitely looked completely bored and tired with the star trek - there was very little zest and enthusiasm as was seen in the previous star trek films in which they appeared. why should the adventures of the uss excelsior feature in any forthcoming star trek film with a female captain and entirely new cast. With a sensible story line - not the mess which was shown in the star trek nemesis .
Post # 180
Date 1/28/2004 - 5:48 PM
Comments: IT was fun to watch, Whitch i think is the main movies why they make Star Trek Movies. I would of liked it better if they have got more involved with the cast
Post # 179
Date 1/1/2004 - 7:42 PM
Name Iono.
Comments: I thought it was real good. I just hope they make another movie, but with a different crew, preferably voyager. .
Post # 178
Date 11/12/2003 - 3:56 AM
Name Lethbridge.
Comments: Simply appalling, the worst st movie yet. romulans and remans? oh please! jumping the buggy into the floating shuttle? good grief! b4? shoot me now data's dead. Good! now please let this really be the end. now let me go and watch the final frontier which suddenly doesn't seem so bad. .
Post # 177
Date 11/3/2003 - 12:51 PM
Name Mikester's trek review .
Comments: This was an extremely exciting film! the action was fast paced and the climatic scenes were riveting "on the edge of your seat" entertainment. In a word, i found this film to be captivating. Data's self-scarifice mirrored spock's warmth and devotion in trek ii and also ironically proved to be "most human". Also,the picard-data relationship demonstrated a paternal care and friendship that i found to be very touching! the data-like resurrection of b4 in the closing scenes with picard was the perfect capstone to symbolize their endearing relationship. The song brought to the surface the underlying bittersweet emotions that picard was experiencing. Stewart masterfully pulls of this scene as he conveys an understated warmth, gentleness and dignity as he strolls down the refit enterprise's corridors in reflection. Lastly, the closing shots of the refit enterprise against the backdrop of that majestic theme song elegantly conveyed the "passage of time" that we've all come to know so well in the trek saga. And once again that "fair lady" and her noble captain will continue to boldly go where no one has gone before! email me at michael_lawyer@hotmail. Com!.
Post # 176
Date 9/15/2003 - 7:39 AM
Name Topper harley.
Comments: Theres only one thing to with this movie: burn it on cd and throw it into the trashcan at once. This piece of something-coming-out-of-a-dogs-anus nearly is the worst trek-movie ever. Ok, only st3 - the search for spock - is even more worse (and no star trek movie could ever change that fact). I'd say 'nemesis' comes between st3 and st5 - surely at the bottom of the rating-list. So, better save your money and watch 'anaconda' or some b-movie like that (in any case, it surely looks more expensive than 'nemesis'). .
Post # 175
Date 8/13/2003 - 7:46 PM
Name Swymmer.
Comments: I loved the movie - it was fun to watch. yea, it could have been better; and true, it wasn't the best of the franchise - but it was well worth the price of a movie ticket and the price i paid for the dvd. the story was good, the action was exciting, and the special effects were spectacular. but, despite the fact that i do love this movie, i was left bothered by three things: no mention of the shielding/armor technology that voyager brought home from the 29th century (it would have come in handy when picard rammed the romulan ship); no mention of data's other twin brother; and it took them 3 or 4 seasons to get rid of janeway's bun hairdo - why did they have to bring it back for her cameo this movie!.
Post # 174
Date 7/17/2003 - 1:39 PM
Name Sux.
Comments: Sux.
Post # 173
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No Rating
Date 7/9/2003 - 9:51 PM
Name Jonathan.
Comments: There was no reason for this to have been made. This totally ruined the series. .

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