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Hi all,Welcome to my movie links page. I have added this page to add all the movie related links that might be of interest to those of you that visit my site.
If you have a movie, or entertainment related movie site, and you would like to get a link to your site added here, please let me know. If you want, you can use this little banner
Also, if you know of a site that you think should be added here please let me know.

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Great Movie Related Sites:

  • Unknown Film - Unknown Film let�s you create your own IMDb top 250 (or more). Using a few simple sliders and checkboxes you can include a range of votes, score, year of release, genres, languages, countries and ratings.

  • MyMovieRating - MyMovieRating is not just another movie rating website. Every movie in their database gets rated twice. Quality and entertainment are rated by a select group of movie specialists. Their focus is on movie ratings. However, they also provide the opportunity for their visitors to write reviews as well.

  • Rotten Tomatoes: Movie Reviews & Previews - This is one of my favorite sites. It has a great layout. Very informative with all you want to know about recent, current and future film releases. This is a must see site.

  • IGN FIlmForce - New Movies, Movie Reviews, Interviews, Script Reviews, Comics, and More

  • IGN DVD - DVD Movies, DVD Music, DVD Reviews, Easter Eggs, and more

  • Dark Horizons - Latest film news, Rumors n' scoops

  • Box Office Prophets - Release Schedule with Film profiles, BO database,BO Analysis,BO Forecasts, and a lot more.

  • UKHotMovies.com - Hollywood film news, reviews, features, galleries, polls, competitions and more.

  • JoBlo's Movie Emporium - Thousands of movie reviews, trailers, quizzes, wallpapers, scripts, dvd reviews and daily NEWS updates always ongoing and a LOT MORE

  • Entertainment Online - Lots of entertainment information and news.

  • Entfirst - movie reviews and features from a UK perspective.

  • Movieman's Guide to the Movies - Lots of Movie Reviews and more.

  • GroovyMovie - A lot of Movie content, lists, etc.

  • IM - Insomniac mania -News, Reviews, film profiles, etc.

  • Moovees.com -a site where cows meet film and the movies are graded with bottles of milk

  • ADMA - Cinematography of the Mind - Very well designed website, with movie reviews.

  • UK Box Office - Box Office Stats for the U.K.

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  • Future Movies UK - British movie guide features profiles of cinema releases and film reviews. Also read tips on filmmaking and script writing, including how to find funding.

  • Box Office Guru - a site which contains the most up-to-date data and in-depth analysis for movie box office information.

  • The Huge Movie Quiz -It's a hangman type game with a movies theme !

  • Movie & DVD Reviews: Your Film News Source -On Movie & DVD Reviews read about action adventure films, best animated movies, best romance movies, movie for kids, scary films, and comedy romantic movies.

  • CHUD, Cinematic Happenings Under Development. - Great website with everything you want to know about upcoming movies. Lots of News, release dates, trailers, and more.

  • Top 100 Movie Lists - Includes sound bites, movie stills, and reviews. You can also submit your own top 100 movies.

  • The Hollywood Challenge - Game where your Box Office predicting skills will come in handy.

  • Civilian Capital - Film and Entertainment Industry information

  • Classic Movies - Specializes on all types of information on classical movies.

  • The UK Critic - Contains articles, links, retrospectives and reviews of UK cinema releases.

  • My Fav Movies - What's your favorite movie? Rate them here.

  • RateItAll: Actors & Actresses - Cool site that lets you rate and share your opinions on actors, actresses and movies (and lots of other things).

  • Top Box Office Movie Reviews - Movies information, rating and reviews. Also featuring box office movie predictions and reports.

  • Movie Box Office Reports - Now Playing, Box Office,and more. Really great layout.

  • Celebhoo Celebrity Search - Celebrity search engine to find celebrity fan pages. Also celebrity gossip and e-mail addresses.

  • The SCI-FI Movie Page -It features reviews of more than 220 science fiction movies, news on currently showing and forthcoming sci-fi movies, downloadable trailers and images, discussion rooms, polls and more.

  • What A Character - featuring photos, bios, and filmographies of 1000+ character actors. Based on hundreds of exclusive interviews. A Unique Web Resource!

  • The Z Review - UK Movie Review and News site

  • The LUMIERE Database - Database on admissions of the films released in Europe

  • Flipside Movie Emporium - A cool site with movie reviews, interviews & articles, and more--covering Hollywood fare, indie flicks, and rare B-movies.

  • JP's Box Office - Statisques - A French site with U.S., French and International Box Office statistics..

  • Lee's Movie Info - Daily box office reports, weekend reports, box office predictions and movie reviews.

  • The Movie Page - Reviews, Trailers, Movie News, Posters, Scripts, and more. Great layout, lots of information.

  • The Box Office Report - Lots of Box Office Information

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Miramax October Films Orion Columbia

United Artist Tristar Hollywood Triumph Films

Paramount Fine Line Rysher Warner Bros.

Sony Picture Classics Touchstone 20th Century Fox Newline

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