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Which of these SNL alumni, tuned Movie stars, is the funniest?

Adam Sandler

Ben Stiller

Bill Murray

Billy Crystal

Chevy Chase

Chris Rock

Dan Aykroyd

David Spade

Eddie Murphy

Jason Sudeikis

Kristen Wiig

Mike Myers

Robert Downey Jr.

Will Ferrell


Sylvester Stallone's Biography

Sylvester Stallone VITALS

Real Name: Sylvester Enzio Stallone
Height: 5' 9'' Tall
Born On: July 6, 1946
Birth Place: New York's Hell's Kitchen district, USA
Profession: actor, director, writer, producer
Education: University of Miami (majored in Drama; dropped out; 1967-1969)
Wife: Jennifer Flavin
Dated: Brigitte Nielsen
Ex: Sasha Czack
Dated: Angie Everhart
Child: Sage Moonblood Stallone , Seth
Child: Sistine Rose , Sophia Rose

Sylvester Stallone FAN SITES



D-Tox (2002)$20,000,000
Driven (2001)$20,000,000
Get Carter (2000)$20,000,000
Cop Land (1997)$60,000
Daylight (1996)$20,000,000
Assassins (1995)$20,000,000
Judge Dredd (1995)$20,000,000
The Specialist (1994)$15,000,000
Demolition Man (1993)$15,000,000
Cliffhanger (1993)$15,000,000
Oscar (1991)$15,000,000
Rocky V (1990)$15,000,000
Tango & Cash (1989)$15,000,000
Lock Up (1989)$15,000,000
Rambo III (1988)$15,000,000
Over the Top (1987)$12,000,000
Rocky IV (1985)$15,000,000
Staying Alive (1983)$10,000,000
First Blood (1982)$3,500,000
Rocky (1976)$23,000
Death Race 2000 (1975)$1,000/week
The Party at Kitty and Stud's (1970)$200

Sylvester Stallone PICTURE

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