Tara Reid's Box Office Stats

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Movies Over $100M:2
Total Number of Movies:22
Total Gross of Movies (starring): $118,222,237
Total Number of Movies (starring): 14
Avg Gross of each movie (starring): $16,888,891
Total Gross of All Movies: $472,031,151
Avg. Gross of each Movie: $36,310,089
Avg Gross of Movies in the 90s: $39,269,300
Avg Gross of Movies in the 00s: $31,275,117
Avg Gross of Movies in the 10s: $56,758,835
Avg. Gross of the Last 10 movies: $24,623,109
MovieYearDomestic B.O.Buy DVDPoster
1Worthless2016N/A amazon.comallposters.com
2American Reunion 2012$56,758,835 amazon.comallposters.com
3The Fields2012N/A amazon.comallposters.com
4If I Had Known I Was a Genius2007N/A amazon.comallposters.com
57-10 Split2007N/A amazon.comallposters.com
6Alone in the Dark 2005$5,178,569 amazon.comallposters.com
7The Crow: Wicked Prayer2005N/A amazon.comallposters.com
8Devil's Pond2003N/A amazon.comallposters.com
9My Boss's Daughter 2003$15,549,702 amazon.comallposters.com
10National Lampoon's Van Wilder 2002$21,005,329 amazon.comallposters.com
11Just Visiting2001$4,777,007 amazon.comallposters.com
12Josie and the Pussycats 2001$14,252,830 amazon.comallposters.com
13American Pie 2 2001$145,096,820 amazon.comallposters.com
14Dr. T and the Women 2000$13,065,561 amazon.comallposters.com
15Cruel Intentions 1999$38,230,075 amazon.comallposters.com
16Around the Fire1999N/A amazon.comallposters.com
17American Pie 1999$101,800,948 amazon.comallposters.com
18Body Shots1999$699,964 amazon.comallposters.com
19The Big Lebowski1998$17,498,804 amazon.comallposters.com
20Girl1998N/A amazon.comallposters.com
21I Woke Up Early the Day I Died1998N/A amazon.comallposters.com
22Urban Legend1998$38,116,707 amazon.comallposters.com
Items highlighted in yellow are Starring Roles
Items highlighted in gray are Non-Starring Credited Roles
Movies with a Box Office Listed as N/A are not counted towards
the averages
This list does not include documentaries, shorts, straight to video or made for TV movies. It also does not include cameos or uncredited roles.

Tara Reid's Total Domestic
Box Office Gross by Year

in Million USD
'98 '99 '00 '01 '02 '03 '04 '05 '06 '07 '08 '09 '10 '11 '12 '13 '14 '15 '16

Tara Reid's Cumulative Domestic
Box Office Gross by Year

in Million USD
'98 '99 '00 '01 '02 '03 '04 '05 '06 '07 '08 '09 '10 '11 '12 '13 '14 '15 '16



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