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Q. Are you Harrison Ford, Arnold, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez............., etc. ?

A. No. I'm just the webmaster for The Movie Times. I am in no way associated with any of the actors or actresses listed on this site. I DON'T have ANY contact information for any of the actors other than the Fan Mail address provided in some of the profile pages.

Q. Do you have the email address or any contact information for any of the actors/actresses?

A. I don't have the email address for any actor or actress, and if I had it, I would not make it public, since I'm sure they appreciate any bit of anonymity they can get. In some of the actor/actress profile pages, you will see a Fan mailing address listed under "Fan Mail". If you can't find the contact information you are looking for there, I don't have it.

Q. Can I send you my movie review to be published on your website?

A. I usually cooperate with for movie reviews as they conduct all the background research for me. You can also try yourself as a writer there.

Q. Do any of the actors or actresses ever respond to messages on the message boards?

A. I don't know, and there really isn't a way for me to know if they do. But if someone emails you claiming to be one of the actors or actresses, please take into consideration that anyone can claim that, and not be telling the truth. That's why I suggest you avoid putting any personal information on the message boards, specially don't put your phone number and real address.

Q. Where can I find movie marketing and production budget information?

A. I haven't been able to find reliable budget information. The best source would be the studios themselves. But they usually don't release this information. Usually any budget information available is based on a media estimate, some times based on a "leak" from the studios.

Q.I want to buy this movie, but I can't find it anywhere?

A.Try . If you can't find it there, email them and ask them to see if they can find it for you.

Q. Can you make a Top 100 Movies Ever Worldwide Adjusted for Inflation List?

A. No. I don't believe this has ever been done. And I think it is almost impossible. Too many countries, with different inflation rates. Too many movies. Not only that but usually worldwide figures are less reliable then those in the U.S., if they are available at all.

Q. I'm looking for the name of the movie where the plot was ...., or for the actor that was in a movie called something like..., or for the person that did the costumes for the movie..., or the name of the song that played during the credits of...., etc.

A. I probably don't know. Try IMDB or allmovie DB.

Q. I have looked at your Movie Release Schedule, and couldn't find X movie. Do you know when it is going to be released?

A. No. As soon as I find the release date for a movie, I will post it on the movie release schedule..

Q. A new movie has been released with this actor/actress, and you haven't updated the Box Office figures on his/her page, why?

A. Since it takes me a few weeks to update all the actor's and actresses Box office figures every time I do it, I usually only update each actor's Box Office figures Every 3-6 months. For More info, Read This

If you have a question, here are some sources that might help:

1. Try looking at my home page, and see if I have already created a page that might have what you are looking for. You will find a link to most of the pages on this site from there.

2. Try looking at the Links Page. Usually, if you can't find what you are looking for somewhere in my site, those pages that I have added to the links page will. It seems that 50% of all the questions I get, the answer can be found at

3. Try posting your question to The Movie Times Message Board. Someone there might be able to help you.

4. Try posting your question to one or more of several movie related newsgroups. You can find a list of them in the Links page. Someone there is sure to be able to help you with your question.

5. Email your questions to Roger Ebert. You can contact him at: Roger Ebert on Movies. He has a section to answer general movie questions

6. If you have a question about my site, please contact me.

To Exchange Links:

1. Add a Link to My Site

2. Email me the exact url, title, and a description of the site.
Also, the exact url where you have already added a link to my site.

Note 1: I put a lot of work on this site, and I will only consider adding a link to those sites I believe will put the same efforts on theirs. Also, I receive dozens of link requests every week, and most of those sites will have similar things in them, reviews, box office data, etc. Everyone has that. I prefer to add those sites that have original content. Also, I hate those pop up Ad banners.:)
Note 2: I won't add a link to sites with material intended for an adult audience.

If you want to contact me:

1.Remember that the email address on this site,, goes to the webmaster of the site, not to any actor or actress that we have pages for.

2.Since I get so much email, I might not reply to emails that have questions that are obviously answered above, or can be answered with my suggestions above. I still get dozens of emails every week of people thinking I'm one of the movie stars I have profile pages for. I'm NOT

3. Email me your comments and suggestions about The Movie Times . You can email me, the webmaster here. I will reply to your email. I try to clear my email queue once a week, but sometimes it takes a little longer. But I will get back to you. I love hearing how much you like or hate this site, and what I can do to make it better.